F-15 Detail Parts
For the Revell F-15E Strike Eagle

The kit includes new exhausts, ejection seats and centerline pylon.
Also included is an AN/ALQ-131 ECM pod if you want to convert your kit to an F-15DJ.
Exhausts and ejection seats are molded in dark gray to simplify painting.
These parts can be dry-brushed with lighter shades to enhance the details.

Combined shipping is available!
Save Money!

If you want to purchase more than one item please e-mail me a complete list.
Do not use the "add to cart" buttons.
Include your Paypal address and specify whether it is an international or domestic order.
I will then send you a custom Paypal invoice with discounted/combined shipping for you to place your order.

U.S. customers - $8.00 + $3.50 S&H (Id. add 6% sales tax)

International customers - $8.00 + $14.75 S&H

Canadian customers!

You will get a small discount in S&H cost.
Contact me after ordering and I will send a refund for the amount.

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